The Digital Health Study: What do people with health insurance want?

What we wanted to know was this: How do people with health insurance in Germany and Switzerland feel about digital health and new rate models? To find out, we teamed up with the ZHAW School of Management and Law in search of the answers. The result is a representative study that examines the acceptance of digital services in the healthcare sector in Germany and Switzerland.

Our study on “Digital Health” in Germany and Switzerland provides a comparison of the views and needs of the insured as well as the digitalization services offered by their health insurance companies. In other words: Do health insurance companies set the right priorities when it comes to digitalization? And, do their digital services meet their target group’s preferences?

I am going to reveal a few of the most significant takeaways beforehand:

  • Overall, we found a high degree of dissatisfaction with the insurance models existing within the framework of the statutory health insurance systems in Germany and Switzerland.
  • The use of digital services by people with health insurance coverage is generally more widespread in Switzerland than in Germany.
  • Seemingly straightforward administrative conveniences provide the highest level of satisfaction to those covered by health insurance: Examples are the reduction in administrative work, the fast reimbursement of pre-payments, and expedited digital processes not tied to the time of day.
  • Generally, about 50% of all respondents in both countries are open to risk-adjusted pricing models – as long as they are fair. For many, this means that positive behaviors should be rewarded, while risky behaviors should not be penalized.
  • A significant percentage of the German and Swiss population was ready to use digital services even before the COVID crisis. And the measures taken to contain the crisis are likely to reinforce this trend.

May I invite you to read the full study? Click here for your free download.

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