SWICA selects BSI Studio for strong customer relationships

SWICA, with about 1.5 million individual policyholders and 27,000 commercial customers, is one of the leading Swiss health and accident insurance companies and has been best in class in the area of customer satisfaction for several years in a row. The company now counts on BSI in the areas of marketing automation and customer journey management as well: In addition to BSI CRM, the health insurance company has also implemented the marketing automation platform BSI Studio, which is linked to the CRM solution.

SWICA has been supporting individual and commercial customers with the help of BSI CRM since 2016. Recently, the company added BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform, and linked it to the existing CRM to be able to support its customers and prospects automatically, in a highly personalized manner, and 24/7. The goal of SWICA’s implementation of BSI Studio in conjunction with BSI CRM is to develop an agile and efficient customer journey management solution. Throughout their entire life, customers should receive expert support, either digitally or by analog means. This requires the consolidation of touchpoint fragments to ensure a continuous data flow. “With BSI CRM, we have been able to achieve a lot in terms of support for our individual and commercial customers, and we have gotten to know BSI as a reliable and committed partner. Consequently, it only made sense to turn to BSI for the areas of marketing automation and lead management as well, especially since BSI Studio won us over in terms of its versatility and user-friendliness,” says Michael Schneider, SWICA’s Head of Marketing, about the decision to go with BSI.

Efficient and automated request management

In August 2019, the Swiss health insurance company went live with its first major BSI Studio story on the topic of request management. On weekdays as well as on weekends and 24/7, SWICA processes, directly in BSI Studio, all requests that are submitted on a web form on the SWICA website and partner pages. SWICA provides some 100 different forms on its website, from franchise change to accident report forms. The web forms, and the entire website information, are available in four different languages.

Once a request is submitted, BSI Studio determines the agency responsible for the customer or prospect and decides whether a confirmation e-mail should be sent and what this e-mail should look like in terms of its content. A particularly interesting aspect of this part of the process is that the e-mail consists of some 100 dynamic content elements that can be combined depending on the request and the context. With this modular design, SWICA can compose and send flexible and personalized messages in response to website requests. Furthermore, the marketing automation platform ensures that every request is forwarded to the right person. In this context, data protection is an important priority at SWICA: BSI Studio anonymizes or deletes sensitive medical data automatically. “The system has proven to be very flexible and robust, even in the busy month of October, when countless customers switch their health insurance,” Adrian Bucher, who is responsible for Health Community at BSI, is pleased to report.

The expansion of self-service functions is another important milestone. “With the implementation of BSI Studio, SWICA is taking a major step toward a comprehensive digitalized lead and customer management program and has demonstrated its high level of innovative spirit and agility. It is a great pleasure for us to walk this path together with SWICA as a partner,” says Adrian Bucher, BSI.