Successful CRM Implementation at Bank Gutmann

A showcase project goes live: Bank Gutmann has been using BSI’s CRM solution for all its customer support since the beginning of July 2019. The project implementation was a success and strengthened Gutmann's position as the leading private-sector bank in Austria.

Adi Hengstschläger, member of the board of directors at Bank Gutmann AG

Success factors of a collaborative project and key aspects of a CRM implementation

In 2018, Bank Gutmann decided to replace their legacy CRM system with BSI's CRM solution. The CRM implementation is part of a future-oriented digitization program the bank launched to optimize and modernize its customer advisory services, processes, procedures, data quality, and service experiences.

Time and resource planning

To find the right implementation pace to ensure that they would also accomplish day-to-day bank business on time, Gutmann took the time it needed for the implementation of the project and gave thought to the resources it had available.

“The collaboration with BSI has been exceptionally good. We have rarely encountered such a solid and enjoyable project in the IT environment.”

Adi HengstschlägerMember of the board of directors at Bank Gutmann AG

The users and project team at Gutmann, as well as our BSI team, have been pleased with the go-live of the new CRM solution, which is based on BSI Banking, the standard for banks.

Overcoming challenges together

Still, the project posed a number of challenges that had to be overcome: They included the extraction of the partially unstructured data from the legacy system and their transfer to the BSI CRM, the magnitude of data to be cleaned manually, and the tight budget framework.

Nevertheless, Bank Gutmann managed the CRM implementation exceptionally well. Joachim Schlegel, Project Manager at BSI, lists the following success factors:

  • A small BSI team consisting of team members that were perfectly in tune with each other helped keep the costs down.
  • By using the functionalities in BSI Banking, Gutmann chose to be close to the standard and uses the extensive configuration options.
  • For the first time in the history of the bank, a project was implemented using the agile project management methodology. The iterative approach worked very well and had numerous advantages, such as the rapid establishment of expertise, ongoing quality assurance, and transparent progress monitoring.
  • Particularly noteworthy is the strong involvement and commitment demonstrated by Gutmann: Its highly motivated employees created all configurations themselves and brought a lot of passion to the project.
  • From the requirements workshop to the acceptance tests, the users were actively involved in the project team. - In addition to handling quality assurance and configurations, the Gutmann project staff also conducted the training.
  • The users on the team added practical relevance to the mix. While it was not always easy to have users participate in the team while they also had to perform their regular work, it ultimately led to a solution that meets everyone’s needs – and that everyone likes.
  • The fundamental attitude was the most important success factor of this project: What Bank Gutmann and BSI have in common are motivation, corporate culture, and human values, as well as principles such as a sense of responsibility, open communication, entrepreneurship, creativity, integration capability, and enthusiasm.

The bottom line

“It is important to select a provider that is a good fit for you,” says Mirza Hadzic, Project Manager at Gutmann. Denise Zauper, Applications Manager at Bank Gutmann, agrees: “The key success factor isn’t technology; it is the team. We are pleased that we found a partner in BSI that understands us literally and with whom we were on the same wavelength instantly both in technical and human terms. We are confident that the second release in the fall involving fund management expansions and enhancements in the customer addition process will be just as successful.”