Paradigm shift for the development of business applications with blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain promises a high level of automation, flexibility and global availability. During the Ethereum Developer Conference in Paris, I had the opportunity to talk to core developers from Ethereum and was able to take important input for the further development of our solutions with me.

The development of business applications for companies faces a fundamental paradigm shift. This change means that business applications in the future will increasingly be depicted by decentralized solutions instead of central structures. The Ethereum blockchain has particularly distinguished itself here in recent years.

The high level of automation, flexibility and global availability of the Ethereum network makes it attractive for companies from all sectors. To get inspiration for our customers’ businesses, I traveled to the Ethereum Developer Conference in Paris. There I was able to talk to Ethereum's core developers and take interesting input back home with me.

Many interesting use cases were shown at the conference. Blockchain is not only interesting for startups; leading corporations have also announced that they will make business solutions usable worldwide on the basis of Ethereum. Read more about it in the New York Times article.

Discussion about the future orientation of Ethereum and presentation of interesting practical examples

We at BSI are ready for the future. The combination of blockchain and smart contracts is gaining ground and many new business fields are arising as a result. In a proof of concept, we successfully connected our Eclipse Scout framework for business applications with the Ethereum blockchain. Read in our German case report about how we upgraded the Scout Contacts demo app to make it possible to transfer funds from one person to another within a few minutes.