News from the start-up scene and tips from a CX pro

On June 23, 2020, customer care and customer experience experts met at Westhive, the Zurich innovation ecosystem, to share ideas and concepts for the customer service of the future. Participants from French-speaking Switzerland and from Berlin to Vienna joined the meeting digitally. Here is Part 3 of the meeting highlights:

Data-driven business models and beamed ads

Of course, start-ups had to be present at the Pop-up Event for Service Champions as well. With their innovative business models and ecosystems, they are co-designing the future of service champions. Two start-ups introduced themselves in brief pitches. is the next level of QR code: It allows customers to interact with advertising they see on TV, posters, or in apps without having to scan anything. Just like Shazam, the app recognizes, for example, a spot – and immediately, one can participate in the scavenger hunt, sweepstakes, or interactive quiz. From the beer campaign to the museum: beem-now opens up new hybrid ways to interact with customers.

AutoSense displays the car in an app and builds an innovative service ecosystem around the car. What’s unique about it? Customers can share their vehicle data with third-party companies. How do customers benefit? With prioritized service, cashless fuel payments, pay-by-kilometer insurance, digital driving logs, remote vehicle diagnostics, service notifications, safety information, and preventive advice, only to mention a few of the initial use cases. The DAU/MAU ratio or a user’s “stickiness” measures the actual level of user-centricity of the start-up’s app. What’s critical here is not the number of downloads – after all, most apps are forgotten or uninstalled within four weeks – but the ratio of daily active users to monthly active users.

Mobiliar: Learning from customers pays off

Is that true, or is this simply an assertion? Daniel Zurbrügg of Mobiliar, in his inspiring keynote speech, got to the bottom of this question and also examined the dilemma of “customer proximity in times of social distancing”: “You must endure the silence and listen carefully. Only then can you find out what situation the customer is in right now and what moves him/her.” For the CX expert Daniel Zurbrügg, the insurance consultant of the future is not a salesperson, but a coach. “It’s about love, about life, about dreams and visions. Not about exchanging facts and data. The coach supports me in my vision.” While studies and big data are essential, they do not provide information about the customer’s true motivation. Customer centricity facilitates the change in perspective that is needed for that. The Mobiliar CX team started out a little more than three years ago with two people. Now, more than 20 people work fervently in the “Customer Centricity” area to expand the network to make a joint “Why” come true. What benchmark does Daniel use to measure the success of his team? “When customer proximity is a given, and we are no longer needed.”

Customer experience: An overview for service champions

In a final highlight, Cyrill Luchsinger, CX Lead at Swiss Post and cherished CX inspiration on LinkedIn shared five takeaways for service champions (and all those who want to become one):

  1. There is a large discrepancy between the recognized meaning of the topic of customer-centricity and the relevant reality in companies.
  2. The combination of inside and outside views is vital to success. In this context, do not think in terms of the product, but understand the customer’s problems.
  3. We talk about the customer experience we design and not the customer’s delight. “Delight” is an incorrect translation!
  4. It’s not about offering outstanding experiences at every touchpoint, but about providing the experience when it is crucial.
  5. A sustainable change in the company will not occur until each individual employee’s thinking and doing has changed to the core.

Save the date

Make a note: The next Pop-up Event for Service Champions will again be a hybrid event: It will be held on November 27, starting at 2 p.m. – in Vienna in an analog format and digitally via Avaya Spaces. The four collaborators and hosts, BSI, CCC,, and Wir Kunde, look forward to an inspiring afternoon – and hope to see you there!