GMX and WEB.DE choose BSI CRM

GMX and WEB.DE, the leading e-mail providers in Germany, are conducting a pilot project in the area of written customer care on the basis of BSI CRM. Their aims include reduced processing time, simplification of the process and optimization of the customer experience.

Matthias Hobi, BSI Project Manager

To boost the efficiency of written customer care, to optimize the process and to improve the customer experience, GMX and WEB.DE have chosen to work together with BSI Business Systems Integration AG. According to Matthias Hobi, BSI Project Manager, “in a first step, selected pilot users tested our contact center solution in live operation.” They have indicated that they are very satisfied with the solution: in addition to the intuitive operation, the specified goal of reducing the average process time was achieved. Subsequently, a full version, which will be extensively developed with GMX and WEB.DE, shall be rolled out.

Mission customer satisfaction

The e-mail providers are replacing an internal application with the new solution for efficient written communications processing. With BSI CRM they are applying a proven and open customer service standard solution that they can further develop internally at any time. “If the pilot is successful, then all customer service processes will be gradually transferred to BSI Contact Center in a full version,” explained Matthias Hobi.