Galenicare uses BSI CRM to foster healthy customer relationships

BSI has won Galenicare as a new customer. In partnership with BSI, Galenicare, the largest pharmacy network operator in Switzerland, is planning to merge the data of a total of about 500 pharmacies and three webshops and centrally manage the various customer bases. The objectives are twofold: to improve data quality and to centrally manage the company’s marketing activities, including the administration of vouchers and loyalty points, in a combined, single customer view.

With Galenicare, a company of the Galenica Group, BSI was able to attract yet another well-known retail customer: This innovative company successfully operates the pharmacy chains Amavita and Sun Store throughout Switzerland and runs the Coop Vitality chain of pharmacies in a joint venture with Coop. Independent pharmacies partnering with Winconcept also belong to the Galenica Group’s pharmacy network. Altogether, the Galenica pharmacy network, including its independent partner pharmacies, comprises about 500 locations today with several million customers, which makes Galenicare the leader in the Swiss pharmacy retail market. Besides that, the company is considered one of the most important partners for the different players in the health-care market.

“The BSI application facilitates the implementation of our corporate strategy: We assist our customers individually and personally and stand for customer satisfaction based on trust and expertise. The newly developed requirements allow our employees to focus on our key competencies.”

Ramin MohadjeriHead of the Amavita and Sun Store pharmacies

Galenicare has selected a central Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution from BSI Business Systems Integration AG to allow it to continue to play an active role designing the health-care market of the future and meet ever-increasing customer needs.

Data Quality Optimization

Strict adherence to data protection guidelines is particularly important for a company handling sensitive data and transactions. Galenicare places a high value on the confidentiality of data – and BSI CRM ensures just that. Since the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is also mapped in BSI CRM, Galenicare’s customer data enjoys the highest level of security and maximum protection. The first project phase involves merging the various customer bases of several million data each in this highly secure environment. The objective is to achieve a higher level of data quality and make the relevant data synchronizable and suitable for processing at every touchpoint (stores, webshops, and back office) by using an intelligent authorization logic where all data is checked automatically or, if needed, manually, for duplicates. In addition to the information in a pharmacy data format, the data related to the three webshops is also going to be incorporated into the CRM system.

Marketing Automation with “BSI Studio”

Galenicare feels confident that the central CRM system is going to support the various pharmacy data formats with its sophisticated duplicate record management and with automated marketing activities in the future. For these marketing activities, Galenicare works with BSI Studio, the digital platform for marketing automation. “With BSI Studio, we can provide personalized and therefore specific information to our customers in a way that meets their needs,” explains Ramin Mohadjeri.

To this effect, the following important project steps are already scheduled for November 2018: In addition to duplicate record and data management activities, the management of the Starcard Loyalty program, including the administration of vouchers and loyalty points, will also be performed in BSI CRM in a combined, single customer view. The first automated marketing campaigns are expected to follow soon after.

“We are so excited that we have had the opportunity to implement this challenging and technically demanding project together with Galenicare. This is precisely what our team at BSI is particularly good at and very much enjoys doing,” says Monika Freiburghaus, Project Manager at BSI.