From 0 to 100: First contact to kick-off in eight days

We love a fast pace at BSI. Agility and flexibility are our specialties. Yet we know how to pace ourselves and do not get winded so quickly. However, when our customers request it, we press the pedal to the metal. So it truly pleases us when we meet customer teams with as much power, passion and creative energy as we have. That is how it was with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. But, one thing at a time ...

Wednesday, June 19: First contact

We were invited to stop by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services (MBFS). They were interested in a quick offer tool for leasing offers. The appointment goes well, the chemistry matches. The time plan is very ambitious. That suits us perfectly!

Monday, 24 June: Making our offer

We have three days to tender the offer. We take on the challenge and deliver it on time.

Tuesday, June 25: Management meeting at MBFS

The MBFS management meets. The decision is made. We receive an e-mail from the future project head: “I am pleased to inform you that, based on a vendor evaluation, our executive board has decided to carry out the project with you.” We, of course, are delighted!

Monday, July 1: Kick-off meeting

Assemble the team. Set up the development environment. Prepare the specifications. Define the project setup. And off to the kick-off meeting.

Thursday, July 4: The technical workshops begin

Planning of the workshops is completed. The right people are invited. The technical workshops can begin. We occupy our workstations alongside the MBFS project team in Schlieren.

Please buckle up

That is the title of Chapter 1 of our BSI workbook. This could not be more applicable for the launch of this project with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. The most important workshops are now behind us and we are busy with the implementation. The goal of the project is to provide the MBFS sales staff with a central tool for the creation and calculation of leasing and financing offers, with which anything can be offered, from an A-class compact car to a 40-ton truck. Sales agents must currently work with different leasing offer tools, which hinders the availability of a reliable customer history and subsequent tracking. We want to work together to change this.

The name says it all

There is a good reason why the new quick offer tool for leasing contracts contains the word “quick”. BSI’s solution should improve both the quality of the offer and the speed of offer tendering. Only if it is truly faster and more practical than the old tool will sales agents be happy to work with it. And that is what we want.

The go-live date is not yet definite; it will certainly be ready by autumn 2019 at the latest. Now it is a matter of maintaining the tempo. In any case, we are looking forward to driving along with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services!

About Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Schweiz Ltd

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Ltd is a subsidiary of Daimler Mobility headquartered in Stuttgart and operates internationally with more than 12,000 employees in 40 countries, in some cases acting with a banking license or as a financial institution. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Schweiz Ltd offers a variety of interesting financial services: the leasing and financing of passenger and commercial vehicles for private and corporate customers, buses, vehicle fleets as well as insurance. Mobility trends such as car sharing and ride hailing are gaining in significance.

Benjamin Schöb