Digital or analog? You ought to be familiar with these banking personas

Not every bank customer is alike. This result of our recent study on customer touchpoints in banking might hardly be a surprise. Things become interesting, though, when we use the survey results to make inferences about personas that retail banks can very specifically work with in real life. Find out about the four different bank customer personas we identified.

How do customers interact with their banks? Which channels do they use to contact their banks, and how satisfied are they with these encounters? The new #getintouch study by the Institute of Financial Services Zug (IFZ; Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen), which was developed in cooperation with Finnova, Swiss Post, and BSI, focuses on consumer preferences and habits regarding the banking touchpoints they use. These preferences and habits form the basis for four relevant banking personas.

May we introduce you to …

  • Janine, the “few touchpoints” persona. Here is what applies to Janine: Less is more. Janine uses no more than two analog banking touchpoints and one to four digital banking touchpoints. This persona tends to be female (53%) and likely lives in a more rural area (59%). 95% in this group use e-banking, and only about 50% make use of mobile banking.
  • Sylvia, the “analog” persona. Sylvia appreciates physical touchpoints to a particularly high degree. 77% in this persona group visit the bank teller, and 79% had contact with their bank advisor last year. While only around 40% in this group use mobile banking, about 80% turn to e-banking quite actively. What’s particularly important to Sylvia is the bank statement by mail (85%). This persona tends to be female (52%) and likely lives in a rural area (56%).
  • Michael, the “digital” persona. As the name suggests, this persona is keen on all things digital. Therefore, Michael uses between five and ten digital touchpoints and only up to two analog ones. Nine out of ten users in this persona group make use of mobile banking, and almost all of them use e-banking. This persona tends to be male (54%) and tends to live in an urban area (52%).
  • Jack (of all trades), the “many touchpoints” persona. Colloquially, we refer to a particularly active and always-on-the-go person with broad knowledge as a jack of all trades. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this persona interacts with his/her bank using especially many different touchpoints: more than two analog touchpoints, and from five to ten digital ones. Almost nine out of ten users in this persona group use mobile banking. At the same time, this persona also uses mortgage and pension calculators and values offline touchpoints such as the bank teller (77%) and customer advisor (94%).

To find out what the perfect customer journey looks like for Janine, Sylvia, Michael, and Jack, go to pp. 62 and 63 of the #getintouch study.

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