Customer service between automation and personalization

Arvato, the supply chain and e-commerce service provider, has partnered with BSI to work on its future-readiness. The company’s goal is to continue to adhere to its market promise of “e-commerce with the very best end user experience” now and in the future. It is a very exciting project that we are delighted to work on with Arvato.

By using the BSI solution, Arvato is laying the foundation for the further automation and digitalization of its customer service processes. According to Christina Frank, Vice President Customer Service at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, “Customer service has become tremendously more important in the growing online business in recent years. The intelligent management of customer inquiries along complex supply chain processes and the balancing act between automation and personalization are critical factors to success.” At BSI, we completely agree with that.

Arvato’s goal with the CRM project has not only been to optimize existing services but also to create a portfolio of customer services that clearly stands out from other solutions in the market.

“We have been able to accomplish this together with our partner BSI, a company that has a vast amount of retail expertise.”

Christina FrankVice President Customer Service at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

The BSI CRM solution serves as a central tool in customer service and has a consistent look and feel. Since a fully integrated system landscape consisting of CRM and ERP was created via interfaces, Arvato can now view the entire shopping experience, from beginning to end. Its customer service agents can routinely display every process in the customer journey, from order to delivery and payment. The result includes enhanced customer experience, more proactive communication, new communication channels, and a high first contact resolution rate.

“With BSI, we continue to strengthen our focus on customer centricity because positive customer experience is becoming more and more important to our customers in terms of customer loyalty and business success online,” explains Christina Frank.