Customer orientation with Sport Trend Shop as an example

How can a sporting goods store like Sport Trend Shop (STS) better support its current customers with marketing automation? A group of students in the ZHAW* Masters in Business Administration program with a concentration in Marketing examined this question. The team, consisting of Hanna Gillich, Mevina Studer, Seraina Zanin, and Benjamin Zuppiger, summarized their creatice answers in a poster.

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Three questions for the project team

What does customer orientation mean to you personally?

Customer orientation is a decision a business makes to put the customer front and center. When planning its activities, the company always has the customer in mind and designs its actions accordingly. It is about offering customers services or products that meet their needs and provide added value. Because ultimately, only satisfied customers bring the needed business success.

What does the customer story you developed for “your” customer, Sport Trend Shop, look like?

We are engaging STS’s existing customers individually and based on their interests, and we are making them aware of a lottery. It is about the STS event called “Ski Testing in Sölden,” and we want to get customers excited about it with free tickets or discount codes. The goal is to ensure that the ski test fills to capacity and that customers register earlier for the course.

How do you feel about working with BSI Studio?

BSI Studio is a very user-friendly and effective tool for creating customer stories. For all of us, it was the first time we used a tool for digitalized and automated customer processes. We are impressed by the many possibilities the application offers, its simplicity, and the idea behind the platform. Since we only had a trial version to work with, we reached its limitations to a degree during the content creation. We wanted to create everything in the look-and-feel of Sport Trend Shop, but that was not possible.

Of course, it would now be interesting to see how STS’s customers embrace the story we created and how successful it will be.

* ZHAW – Zurich University of Applied Sciences (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften)