BSI Studio: go-live at Basler Versicherungen

Basler Versicherungen is one of the pioneers in the customer experience area. Now, the company is taking a leading role again – this time in how they engage with individual customers through BSI Studio. The first automated story has gone live – and was met with a great deal of excitement.

Cultivating and building customer relationships

The story: When they purchase items of high value, many customers get insurance coverage for them directly at the store – generally, they don’t even realize that they are insured with Baloise. These customers are the main actors in the first BSI Studio story that Basler went live with at the beginning of this week: They took out insurance from Basler for a favorite item and are made aware of the company’s special offer for comprehensive household goods insurance in a personal story. Among the target group are customers who have purchased, for example, insurance for their favorite furniture, favorite glasses, or for electronic devices that they particularly care about.

A go-live is always exciting – not only for us but for our customers as well. As always, we took our task very seriously in this instance and tested the story meticulously before Basler’s customer management team took over and brought it to life with a single click. A number of attentive individuals witnessed what happened next: The members of Basler's customer management team were glued to the storyboard. For 30 minutes, they actively watched how the story developed, how customers clicked through the landing pages, and to what area they were drawn.

There was great delight on both sides – and although this was only the pilot phase, many more compelling ideas for customer stories have already been conceived. We at BSI are excited and will be reporting live again from a future go-live!