BSI Studio: BSI invites to premiere party

Dear Digitalizers! We are pleased to present to you an innovation leap for the digitalization of your customer relationships: BSI Studio.

For a long time we have been working on it, absorbing many inputs from our customers, playing through use cases. Now it's time: Our youngest baby is born! It's called "BSI Studio" and the name says it all: BSI Studio combines data, touchpoints and customer journeys like a direction tool – in one solution! For the first time, Chief Customer Officers, Customer Experience Managers and Chief Digital Officers can react to customer behavior in real time, digitalize processes and procedures in the customer dialog and control them from a single platform.

Digitalization platform BSI Studio uniquely combines data, touchpoints and customer journeys in one solution

What our customers wanted so much becomes reality: No more Excel, no more manual processes and data silos, but real-time reactions to current customer behavior – including evaluation of the customer experience and optimization of the customer journeys. Until now, this was only possible by incorporating different systems and data from different silos – and by the time you finally had it, the magic was over, the customer's attention was gone.

BSI Studio is different: Here you can follow live which customer approach delivers the best conversion and how the customer behaves in the customer journey in order to react immediately with the appropriate steps – naturally automatically and digitally.

“With the new digitalization platform, we provide chief customer officers with an instrument that enables them to consistently assume their customers' perspective on the company. Customer Experience Managers can use BSI Studio create outstanding customer journeys, while Chief Digital Officers use it as a technical platform to digitalize all processes and procedures in the customer dialog.”

Christian A. Rusche The driving force behind the development of BSI Studio

We are pleased that with BSI Studio, our customers can extend their lead in digitalization and focus on storytelling. With BSI Studio, storytelling across touchpoints is no longer a fantasy movie, but pure action!

And because good news rarely come alone: BSI Studio also includes demanding security and DSGVO requirements. They will no longer stop you on your way to becoming a digital customer enthusiast.

Christian A. Rusche

Would you like to get to know BSI Studio and try it out?

The following events offer you the opportunity to do so:

DMEXCO from 12-13 September 2018 in Cologne

At DMEXCO 2018, BSI will present the digitalization platform "BSI Studio" live for the first time and will also be represented at the World of Experience, the trade fair's innovation hub. At the BSI Studio booth in hall 7.1/booth D061 visitors have the opportunity to get to know BSI Studio at three stations.

Swiss CRM Forum on 20 September 2018 at the Dolder Grand Hotel Zurich: Customer Excellence Circle

In the BSI Lounge, participants will for the first time have the opportunity to experience the BSI Studio digitalization platform in action.

BSI Studio Premiere on 6 November 2018 at SRF Studio in Zurich

Suitable for the official premiere celebration of "BSI Studio", we will meet at the Swiss Radio and Television Studio in Zurich to explore the many possibilities of digital customer experiences.

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