Digital Customer Experience: Part 2

The digitalization of the entire customer relationship (DCX) is at the forefront of corporate fields of action, as confirmed by the recent study by IDG. Yet, where are the people who should be driving digitalization within the companies? We are dedicating a six-part blog series to all aspects of the digitalization of customer relationships. Part 2: Does anyone speak “digitalese”? New skills for continuous digital customer experiences.

Does anyone speak “digitalese”?

Digitalization of the customer dialogue has become a must today, and it can be fun to attain the goal faster than the competition. The right employees supported by the right systems can shorten the path and lend the customer experience a digital boost. But, where are the “right” employees? Who has mastered the language of digitalization?

The current DCX study by IDG has found that there is someone in charge of DCX management in nearly half the companies surveyed. This person is often found on the executive board, but even more often in the IT department. The job description of the Chief Digital Officer is slowly becoming established: according to the study, every tenth company has a so-called CDO. The larger the company, the greater the likelihood that there is explicitly a person in charge of the digitalization of the customer relationship.

DCX as a skill

IT-Leiter, CIOs und CTOs sind in mehr als der Hälfte der befragten Unternehmen die Treiber bei der Umsetzung der DCX-Strategie. Das Top-Management hat in jedem fünften Unternehmen den DCX-Hut auf. Doch welche Rolle spielen die Fachbereiche wie beispielsweise die Sales oder Marketing Manager? Liegt nicht bei ihnen die geballte Ladung an Kundenwissen? Fest steht: Die Fachbereiche haben den Kunden im Fokus. Das ist ihre Kernkompetenz. Die DCX erfordert allerdings neben der Kunden-Expertise auch ein grosses Mass an IT- und technischen Fähigkeiten. Oftmals ist es heute allerdings so, dass die Marketing- und Vertriebsleiter zwar den Kunden, aber noch nicht die neuen digitalen Touchoints verstehen.

You cannot (yet) recruit digital marketing experts from universities – the discipline is still too young for this. It may perhaps help to take on digitally versed marketeers who are able to bring their digital touchpoint know-how along with them. Or perhaps “digital natives”, who have learned from veterans in their specialized field as well as in IT, and are thereby able to give proper impetus to the digital unfolding. We consistently notice that among our customers a good, heterogeneous mix leads most quickly to success: “low hanging fruit”, or easily realizable digital customer experiences, can mark the path to continuous DCX, without losing sight of the bases of data, systems and processes.

What is needed is great technical proficiency, a skill, to drive forward the digital customer experience from the customer perspective. What also is needed is a heterogeneous team of experts, both internal and external, ultimately also systems that make a holistic 360° view of the customer throughout all data silos and a continuous “customer journey” possible in the first place. Read more in our 3rd part of the DCX blog series.