BSI launches BSI CTMS in the USA

The software company BSI Business Systems Integration is taking a major step into the US market: after ten successful years in Europe with the product CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System), BSI is now ready to convince the American market of the quality and sustainability of their CTMS solution. This new phase will allow BSI to serve US-based companies that conduct and monitor clinical research, and will provide indispensable support with the planning, documentation and monitoring of clinical trials.

Jens B. Thuesen, responsible for Business Development at BSI

The SCOPE Summit in Orlando is one of the leading meeting places for professionals in the clinical operations industry. From February 12-15, 2018, the conference will offer keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and theme-specific presentations to more than 1,400 trade experts. The most innovative solutions for planning, managing and conducting clinical trials will also be presented.

“We are excited to present the latest generation of BSI CTMS in this top-class environment. Built upon our already successful platform, it provides a new, more modern user experience with additional practical functions," explained Jens B. Thuesen, a founding member responsible for business development at BSI. The software includes modules for diagnostic studies, new reporting features, study risk-assessment, study centers, and much more. "Even though BSI CTMS Denim has so many new features, it’s clearer and easier to understand than ever before."

In his scheduled presentation at SCOPE, the CTMS expert will share with the audience his vast experience in implementing CTMS solutions, including what to look for when evaluating a CTMS partner and how to become a CTMS “evaluation hero” in 4 steps. “Choosing the Right CTMS for Your Clinical Trial Using a 4-Step Evaluation Process" is also the title of the upcoming XTalks webinar on January 22, 2018, in which Jens B. Thuesen, Jan Klint Nielsen, Project Manager, and Stefan Vogt, CTMS Systems Architect at BSI, will talk about the modern way to evaluate software.

"This year is all about America. We are now investing significantly in business development and are using these two events at the beginning of the year to launch into the US market," said Thuesen. Jan Nielsen, who is responsible for CTMS projects at BSI, highly anticipates that the USA will embrace BSI CTMS as enthusiastically as the European market has: " Our technology helps clinical operations to run smoother and with less effort, and our latest release offers exciting innovations that are interesting to pharmaceutical companies and clinical professionals around the world," summed up the pharmaceutical expert.

Setting a new standard

The European clinical community has been enthusiastically using BSI CTMS for more than ten years as a standard product for conducting clinical trials, as project management software, and for holistic study planning including patient monitoring, patient tracking and document management (eTMF). The BSI CTMS community has grown steadily; growing numbers of pharmaceutical companies, including Actelion, ALK-Abelló, Allergopharma, Dokumeds and a well-known Fortune 500 company, have chosen BSI CTMS for its powerful and flexible format, and its intuitive user interface. These companies choose BSI for their expertise, commitment, and collaboration. The community regularly exchanges information and decides together on the roadmap for product development. This has resulted in the latest cloud-based release, called Denim. According to Jens B. Thuesen: “We are convinced that Denim’s future-oriented web interface, implemented in HTML5, and the practical functions will generate a positive response”.