BSI CRM @ VZ VermögensZentrum: Lucerne first, then all of Switzerland

At the Lucerne office of VZ VermögensZentrum, employees recently started working with the cloud-based BSI CRM solution. It goes without saying that it is FINMA-compliant. About 170 employees in consulting, insurance, banking, retirement planning, and taxes are the first to have the opportunity to thoroughly test this solution. What they learn will be taken into account for the Switzerland-wide rollout to the other 29 branch offices at the end of the year.

Rather than starting with a read-only CRM as a first step at the Lucerne office as originally planned, the company decided on the spot to shift to a complete replacement of their 20-year old CRM system. Challenge accepted! Only six months into the project, the employees in Lucerne can now use BSI CRM comprehensively and gain initial experience with the new solution in lead and customer management. What made this possible? An extraordinarily agile process, a highly motivated project team, and a partnership of equals with VZ VermögensZentrum.

“An important factor in our selection of a CRM provider was that this association would become a long-term partnership on an equal footing, with a good rapport and shared values. And this is precisely what BSI brings to the table. We value the fact that BSI is fully committed and supports the pace we have set for ourselves by committing to an agile approach to goal setting.”

Marc WeberCEO of VZ Depository Bank

The project stages have occurred in rapid succession: The data migration from the existing CRM, the linking of numerous backend systems and various existing systems, and the updating of existing marketing and consultation processes. Use cases for consulting, telephone marketing, and response management were developed, and an automated scoring system for lead management was created.

Following the pilot project at the Lucerne branch office, the focus is now on BSI Studio, the marketing automation platform. With vz news, VZ VermögensZentrum publishes one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Switzerland, holds countless seminars and workshops every year, and its marketing efforts are comprehensive and sophisticated. A perfect area for BSI Studio to operate and experiment in. Thus, the excitement continues.