BSI CRM customer Walbusch wins the Swiss CRM award

Another award goes to the multichannel fashion retailer Walbusch for its uncompromising customer focus. The jury was impressed with its trend-setting ordering and service process with integrated checkout software based on BSI CRM.

Walbusch was distinguished with the Swiss CRM Award on September 15, 2015. The fashion company was rewarded for the innovative solution of its complex multichannel project intended to make relevant customer data available centrally for all employees and to offer its customers a seamless shopping experience – from the contract center to the webshop and checkout.

The Swiss CRM Forum took place in Kongresshaus Zürich on September 15, 2015. More than 600 CRM managers attended the “Marketing Leadership Conference” to gather information and exchange ideas while attending workshops, keynotes and networking.

One of the highpoints of the successful event was the awarding of the Swiss CRM Awards. Along with the peer-to-peer service platform Mila and Swisscom, the fashion company Walbusch was nominated for the Swiss CRM Award. The big surprise was when host Stephan Isenschmid, CEO of the Swiss CRM Forum announced that the winner was Walbusch. “Walbusch decided to place the focus on its customers, and not merely to pay lip service to that intention, but to consistently orient the entire company along those lines,” according to jury chairman Brian Rüeger, Head of the Institute for Marketing Management at ZHAW, in his laudation. He emphasized the effort that Walbusch undertook to break down silos, to question the status quo and to consistently orientate all processes towards customer needs.

Multichannel management as the basis for future success

While many companies go online from the sales outlets, Walbusch took the opposite approach. The jury found this courageous and they were right: “Walbusch thereby established the basis for future success,” according to Brian Rüeger. A customer orientation means integrating all customer contact points. While this multichannel integration was no easy task, together with their CRM partner, BSI Business Systems Integration AG, Walbusch took on the challenge and mastered it in an innovative manner. “To name just one example: customers want to exchange products that they have purchased online in sales outlets – any of them – and at the same time redeem a coupon they have received by e-mail. The sales outlet must immediately have all customer-relevant data at its disposal and be motivated to want to assist the potentially “external” customer” offered Brian Rüeger in explanation of the complexity that lies in a seriously intended multichannel project. “The jury is impressed by the consistency shown and the sound judgment to promptly get employees on board and to give them time to get accustomed to the changes,” according to Brian Rüeger. He particularly praised the courage and passion, the strategy pursued and its successful implementation in his laudation.

Continuous process from the checkout to the contact center

Walbusch chose BSI CRM as a solution that controls all customer contact management across all channels. “Walbusch contributed its retail experience to the project and BSI the know-how about processes and multichannel integration. Together we realized our vision in which the customer has a picture of Walbusch and Walbusch has a picture of the customers”. Towards this end, we consistently placed the focus on customers with all their concerns – across all sales channels and customer contact points, in a platform based on process-controlled procedures,” stated award-winner Bernhard Egger, CEO Walbusch Switzerland and Austria. “The award is a confirmation of our ideas by experts who are well-versed in the topic. The jury’s feedback represents major recognition for us. It shows us that the path of consistent focus on customers and their needs across all touchpoints is the right approach. With this award the jury certified that the project is innovative and customer-oriented. Our customers will show us if we really do everything right,” enthused the visibly moved award-winner Bernhard Egger.

Triply-awarded customer experience

The CRM System for the ordering and service process with integrated checkout software has been awarded three times so far. In addition to the Swiss CRM Award, the seamless Walbusch customer experience has also been distinguished with the CCV Quality Award and the acquisa CRM Best Practice Award. A year has gone by since the project was rolled out and it is already chalking up initial successes. Employees at the sales outlets and in the contact center have a 360° customer view at their disposal. The improved system support and process control led to a significant increase in supplemental sales and sales rates. The peripheral systems, including credit checks, are directly integrated in the process, which has resulted in significantly higher initial resolution rates. “Our employees see which letters, e-mails and advertising means the customer has received, what purchases he has made in the past and are consequently better able to serve him. The customer can order clothes online and pick them up at a sales outlet, redeem newsletter coupons in the sales outlet, make purchases in the sales outlet and return them by mail – the new solution makes all this possible and consequently contributes to the satisfaction of our customers,” summed up Bernhard Egger.

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