Bayerische looks after brokers with BSI CRM for insurances

The software company BSI Business Systems Integration AG is pleased to announce a further customer from the insurance sector: Bayerische has chosen BSI CRM Insurance to look after its brokers. The insurance group seeks to further improve the service for its brokers.

Maximilian Buddecke, die Bayerische
Oliver Hechler, BSI
Oliver Hechler, BSI

Bayerische is supported in the sales of its insurance and financial services by independent brokers throughout Germany. To provide the best service for its brokers, Bayerische is launching a modern portal for broker support based on BSI CRM for insurances. The objective is to optimize service, performance and quality in broker sales. Field sales and internal sales will be equipped with the sustainable solution, which serves as the basis for a comprehensive concept for looking after brokers. “Beyond that, we have set out to boost synergy potential in the broker service and to provide sales with an efficient management tool. We have what we were looking for with BSI CRM for insurances”, stated Maximilian Buddecke, Head Broker Sales at Bayerische.

Improved broker support

Depicted in BSI CRM Insurance is a comprehensive 360° view of the broker, including all data and interactions, as well as contact and task management, including scheduling options, all on the basis of targeted broker selections. “Each user can configure his or her views individually, which shall ensure good acceptance. A simple overview of upcoming visits, birthdays, follow-ups and uniform broker-prospects management will contribute to ensuring that our brokers are seamlessly informed and supported according the high Bayerische quality standards”, according to Maximilian Buddecke.

“With BSI CRM for insurances, Bayerische profits from a SINGLE solution for sales, broker service, sales management, contextual end-customer sales/service and marketing, away from isolated solutions and towards an integrated solution with corresponding synergies", enthused Oliver Hechler, Community Manager Insurance and CEO of BSI Germany, about BSI's latest customer from the insurance sector. He particularly emphasized the standardized support concept which, with an underlying logic, ensures seamless broker services.

Once support for brokers’ sales has been implemented, Bayerische plans to expand its collaboration with BSI. This includes the introduction of broker support for the entire service center and support for the end-customer process. “Not only brokers, but also the exclusive sales will be competently and sustainably supported at Bayerische. We are pleased if we can make a small contribution towards this end with BSI CRM for insurances,” according to Oliver Hechler.