Automation, WhatsApp, machine learning: BSI launches the latest CRM and Studio release

The first feature and service release (FSR 1) for BSI CRM Ocean and BSI Studio since their launch last autumn. The product developers at BSI Business Systems Integration AG have developed a machine learning engine that trains neural networks. The “brains” support users while designing intelligent customer journeys and processes. Also new are the integration of WhatsApp, a multi-URL concept for multi-brand companies and many new steps that are sure to get customers’ hearts beating faster.

In November 2018, BSI launched BSI Studio, the marketing automation and digitization platform, as well as the latest CRM release, BSI CRM Ocean. BSI thus took an innovative leap in terms of marketing, service and sales automation as well as proactive customer journey management.

“With the combination of CRM and marketing automation, we are reacting to a central demand from our customer community: to impress customers proactively at their preferred touchpoint with preventative services, such as a message when hail or storms are forecast in the customer's region. Our customers assume the perspective of their customers with our solutions.”

Markus BrunoldCEO at BSI

Keyword: segment of one: “Each customer is unique. The individual customer experience can be automatically triggered proactively with BSI Studio through the preferred touchpoints without additional tools for the newsletter, customer journey mapping, marketing automation, workflow management, etc. Even security and GDPR requirements are already included in BSI Studio,” according to the BSI CEO.

Next steps

The pioneers for software at the interface to customers are now even taking a step further: artificial intelligence becomes a reality in the latest feature and service release for BSI CRM Ocean and BSI Studio. A machine learning engine and special steps train neural networks and assume tasks such as the recognition of customer concerns in incoming e-mails, determining of next best actions or checking whether the first name and gender match. What’s more, a new content type that is very popular among customer has been integrated:

“BSI Studio can now send WhatsApp messages for the newsletter and customer service.”

Urs FrickBSI Studio expert

Multi-URL is now also a reality with the new release: All companies that offer multiple brands, such as retailers, contact centers, banks, insurance companies, can now appear under different URLs for their individual brands.

“The workflow has been significantly simplified for contact center agents and all other BSI CRM process control users: The new Assistant and the 360 ° views for incoming communications and business cases were optimized to meet your needs,” according to Chris Rusche, Head of Product Development and the driving force behind BSI Studio and BSI CRM Ocean.

Good customer experiences – long-time customer relationships

“Users are the focus of this release, their efficiency, their satisfaction, as well as the possibility to adapt BSI CRM to meet their specialized needs,” explained Chris Rusche. Many improvements tested in customer projects were integrated into this release. Furthermore, BSI CRM now has a tutorial consisting of seven modules, which helps new users and occasional users get started with the software. Power users too will be pleased: Effective now, they have the option of flexibly setting up the user interface to suit their needs.

Markus Brunold sees BSI Studio as a logical continuation of the issue of CRM. “A good CRM system supplies the basis for customized customer experiences. BSI Studio is based on this. Together, they help companies improve the customer experience across all touchpoints and silos and to implement personalized and intelligent marketing automation,” summed up the CEO. Studio acts as an ecosystem including additional services such as a weather service, partner services and steps implemented by third-party providers such as address verification. New steps and automation stories are continuously offered in the connected step store. “Our customers can download templates and use cases from the step store for different industries that enable them to quickly and easily design good customer experiences. These serve as start-up support for marketing automation efforts and process optimizations,” explained Urs Frick.