Ad hoc customer communication par excellence at the Pallas Kliniken

The Pallas Kliniken marketing department contacted me last Friday. They requested urgent help with their patient communications. All those scheduled for an appointment in the coming weeks should receive an SMS informing them about the Corona health safety measures being taken by the Pallas Kliniken. No sooner said than done. Now, just a week later, the story is live on our marketing automation platform.

Fast, customer-centered and automated – that is what was required of our immediate assistance for the Pallas Klinikgruppe. All that was needed was a motivated team, a customer with a clear goal and one week's time.

Starting now, all patients with upcoming appointments will automatically receive an SMS drawing their attention to the Corona health safety measures that the Pallas Kliniken are taking to protect their patients and staff. Patients who did not provide a mobile phone number are contacted by e-mail.

“The collaboration with BSI was very good. I am impressed by how quickly this patient information solution was implemented.”

Pascal ChatelainChief Strategy & Transformation Pallas Kliniken

The medical offices and senior centers that refer patients to the Pallas Kliniken were also considered: They too will be informed about the Corona health safety program. The Pallas Kliniken are even offering house calls for seniors, so that they can spare themselves the trip to the clinic. That is what customer focus looks like.