“Indigo” release: BSI CRM surprises with a new look

The most beautiful update in BSI’s history promises aesthetic, intelligence and boundless everyday usefulness – like your favorite pair of jeans. Which is why it is appropriately named “Indigo”.

BSI Business Systems Integration AG is premiering its latest CRM release at the Swiss CRM Forum 2015. The name “Indigo” illustrates that the update is as comfortable and practical as your favorite pair of jeans, while being clearly designed and intelligent to suit your daily needs for customer relationship management.

With one the biggest updates in the 19-year history of BSI, the software company has catapulted its standard product, BSI CRM, to a whole new level. “The name “Indigo” describes a deep blue dye that is used in the textile industry to dye denim cloth for blue jeans. Since our software should also be as comfortable and practical as your favorite pair of jeans, we chose the name Indigo for the latest release of our CRM software. It should enable our customers to handle their everyday work easily and conveniently,” according to Christian A. Rusche who, as a BSI board member, has spent the last two years working on the further evolution of BSI CRM.

The futuristic Web interface, implemented in HTML5, means that the software is accessible on all end devices. Behind the interface, BSI CRM Indigo awaits with new and unique functions. “The developers questioned each and every function and improved procedures. The result is the most cutting edge, and at the same time, beautiful update. BSI CRM Indigo offers many new functions, such as the context-related assistance, the ‘focus’, geographical searching or the cross-application calendar. The global full-text search though all data records and visualizations for data mining, ad hoc reporting and performance management all offer support for daily tasks in sales, marketing and customer service,” stated Samuel Moser, BSI CRM Indigo Project Manager.

CRM as the core of the company

To be armed for the future, companies must make customer central to all that they do. BSI CRM embodies that customer-focused attitude. As a central system, BSI CRM enables the networking of all contact channels, touchpoints and data sources. Moreover, the software promotes cooperation within the team and partner with an eye towards a seamless customer experience and, last but not least, “ruling”, which refers to actions that can be derived from the customer's behavior. “We believe that CRM must be the guardian of all customer-oriented processes. The basis of all customer-centered activity is a central CRM,” explained Markus Brunold, CEO of BSI, in reference to the philosophy behind BSI CRM Indigo. “We’ve proved in past releases that our solution is open and thereby sustainable,” continued Markus Brunold. “Comprehensive laboratory tests and feedback from our customers show that we are once again a step ahead in terms of ergonomics and the look of our software.” Initial use analyses confirm that BSI CRM Indigo intelligently and intuitively facilitates the workdays of our customers and boosts their efficiency in the office and on the go.


The new BSI CRM Indigo will be available starting in October 2015. You can find a preview at: www.bsi-software.com/indigo