CCW survey: insufficient integration hinders the customer experience

The 20th Customer Contact Week (CCW) presented refreshing ideas regarding innovative customer dialogues. The BSI team was there where it all was happening. There were 8,200 customer care professionals at the same place and time: we again took advantage of this opportunity to survey trade fair visitors about developments, challenges and the benefits of multichannel.

Interesting results from the multichannel survey: everyone is talking about bots, artificial intelligence and automation, while in reality, communication occurs most frequently by phone and e-mail. The letter channel is not yet integrated at around 30% of companies, not to mention Facebook, which is handled in an isolated manner among nearly half of the companies surveyed.

Conclusion no. 1: There remain many basic tasks to complete before the bots can assume the helm or the phone in the contact center.

Which channels do your customers use to contact you and which tools do you use to process them?

Survey participants noted that customer inquiries via social media, self-service and chat are increasing particularly strongly. Customers apparently want to communicate in a business context with the same media they use privately.

Conclusion no. 2: Customers appreciate the contact channels that they also like using privately, but no compulsory self-service please!

How has customer interaction changed over the past year?

The integration of the new and old channels, along with heterogeneous processes, are causing headaches for the survey participants. This challenge is even multiplied by the diversity of channels. To rethink processes is an interesting, yet also time-consuming task, one which is currently confronting many companies. Digitalization means turning over every stone and reviewing for simplicity and effectiveness. The customer and employee experience otherwise gets left behind.

Summary no. 3: Processes must be homogenized and channels integrated to ensure a holistic customer experience.

What are the 3 biggest challenges in your customer service?

The survey revealed another interesting result: while contact centers may offer multichannel access, that is, service customers across multiple channels, they act in an isolated manner and tend to not be networked with other departments, such as sales and marketing. They view the advantages of multichannel software from the perspective of internal issues (efficiency, improved consultation through better informed employees) and less in terms of the overarching benefits (greater sales chances, enhancement of customer loyalty). We are waiting to see whether companies can open their internal barriers, so that in the future they can not only offer multichannel customer service, but can impress customers as an omni-touchpoint. BSI will certainly be present again at the 21st CWW and will again survey the community.

Conclusion no. 4: Technology – such as BSI Studio – assists with the interdisciplinary orchestration of customer interactions.

What are the 3 most important advantages of multichannel software?