The BSI Bern office In the capital

The office in Bern, located in an elegant building in the centrally located Länggasse, is one of BSI’s smaller offices and is therefore particularly casual.

Its special features are the spacious patio, the cozy attic space with a meeting room and the lounge, where a lunch or coffee break can evolve into an interesting, tasty or otherwise unexpected positive experience. The team enjoys delicious croissants, locally called “Gipfeli,” twice a week, and the cupboard with snacks is always well-stocked.


The Team

The team in Bern primarily works on local BSI customer projects. This includes BSI’s first French-language project, which is a fairly recent project.


Not for people with a fear of water

When in Bern, a swim in the cool waters of the Aare River after a busy day at work is a must. Occasionally, the office puts on suspenseful tournaments at the ping-pong table or pinball machine.


From local to far-eastern cuisine

There is no shortage of culinary offers in Bern either. From traditional Swiss cuisine to Italian, Turkish, Ethiopian and Korean specialties, the city leaves nothing to be desired.
When it comes to dessert, the team agrees: The ice cream parlor called “Gelateria di Berna,” with its enormous selection of delicious homemade ice cream flavors, is the best.


Office space on two floors

BSI’s Bern office occupies two floors of the building, and our team members work in light-filled offices with workspaces equipped with standing desks and modern office equipment. In addition to the assigned workspaces, the Bern office, just like all BSI offices, has shared desks, allowing BSI team members to work at any BSI office at any time. There are showers in the basement for staffers who go swimming in the Aare River or go for a run during their lunch break.


Charming and laid-back

Not only does the city of Bern impress with its unique charm, its many picturesque buildings, and the meandering Aare River, but also with the typical Bernese serenity. The BSI office in Bern is easy to get to both by public transportation and by bike and car, and there are plenty of parking spots by the office.


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Contact BSI Bern

Would you like more information about our office in Bern or about working at BSI? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Nicolas Born, Software Engineer and Manager of the Bern Office