The BSI Baar office In the heart of Switzerland

The BSI office in Baar is located directly along the main route to the city of Zug, and one can get there by public transportation in only 3 minutes.

The large lounge on the upper floor is an inviting space for team members to have lunch together or take a relaxing coffee break.

The pinball machine is a special attraction at the Baar office. Can you beat the high score?


The Team

Most of the work is project-based, focusing on the BSI communities of health and insurance. The marketing department is also based in Baar.


Active lunch breaks

The team at the Baar office is quite an active community. Once a week, a group meets at lunchtime to play floorball or beach volleyball.
In addition, bike commuters have access to a secure bike room in the building and have showers available to them.


A year-round street-food festival

In addition to the food trucks that pull up in front of the building and a large cafeteria within walking distance, the “Freiruum” in Zug is one of the Baar team’s absolute favorites. At this market and event hall, reminiscent of a street-food festival, one can get any food their heart desires. Yet, many BSI staffers also bring food from home and eat it in the spacious lounge or at the sitting area in front of the building, which also features a grill the team can fire up.


The lounge as a meeting point

The modern office space in Baar is spread across two floors and is light and spacious. The workspaces are all equipped with height-adjustable desks. A large lounge and a sitting area in front of the building are available to employees, and many BSI employees like to eat their lunch there.


From every direction

Geographically speaking, the location is perfect: It is close to the expressway and provides easy access to the public transportation network. There are also plenty of parking spots in front of and behind the building. In addition, the proximity to the city of Zug provides a myriad of shopping and dining options.


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