We love customers.
And software.

BSI, if you please...

Born in 1996. Specialized in software for CRM and other core processes, based on robust technologies (Java, SOA, Eclipse Scout). At home in Baar, Baden, Berne, Dusseldorf, Darmstadt, Hamburg, Munich and Zurich, as well as among 120,000 users throughout the world. Powered by 320 employees, owner-operated. Turnover of CHF 50 million in 2017.



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A team that harmonizes

A management? We do not have one. We are a union of people with visions and values. Get to know some of us.

Three principles that are important to us.

1. We love customers and software

Satisfied customers, experienced teams, pioneering technologies, fixed prices and deadlines: That’s what makes us unique. We produce good software at the interface to customers, as well as for other key processes.

2. We can do a lot, but not everything

BSI’s successes are team successes, made possible through an open collaboration between customers and partners. And also through open interfaces with third-party systems. The end result is the best software that is well integrated in the IT environment at reasonable costs.

3. We are not yet satisfied

We are lean and solid. Our ownership structure guarantees continuity. Our success grows from good products, services, customers, industries and locations, and also from our intention to further improve this mix.

Three key media that are important to us.

BSI Book

Our “constitution” containing the values that shape us and our work. Exclusively for employees and customers.

BSI Workbook

Our recipe book for all who seek to successfully manage software projects. Written by makers for makers.

BSI magazine

Our “meeting BSI” customer magazine provides information biannually on projects, innovations and other topics.

Questions about BSI?

I would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information. Always within 24 hours and usually even faster.

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Awards that we have received

Satisfied customers and employees are our greatest reward. However, it is also nice when our innovative solutions and our open corporate culture are honored by independent bodies.