CRM project at AMAG

The first users have received CRM for corporate customer support

At AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG, Switzerland’s leading car dealership. BSI is replacing the old systems, which were isolated from one another, and by 2013 shall implement a customer management system with comprehensive features on the basis of BSI CRM. First to be realized shall be corporate customer support (the fleet business). This will be subsequently followed by partner support, which connects AMAG’s own garages and partner garages. And in the final phase, end-customers will also be looked after through the CRM. The result will be a company-wide 360 degree CRM platform for both private and corporate customers, containing solutions for marketing, sales and existing customer care.
Users can already use and familiarize themselves with the CRM for corporate customers at AMAG Import and AMAG Retail. In addition to typical CRM and fleet management features, such as reference data, a 360 degree view of customer and contract data, contract management and car policy, users are also receiving a comprehensive offer generator that they can use to create contracts and offers at the touch of a button. Leads can be entered and accompanied through the sales process. An integrated external Web configuration tool enables vehicles to be individually combined and added to the CRM via the Web service.
“The multi-client capability is a real highlight at AMAG: Each person and company exists only once throughout the entire CRM. However, all objects can be shared by multiple clients, which means that the system enables good teamwork among key account managers. The feedback provide by the initial users shall flow back into the final version of the system, which we shall activate in September,” summed up Samuel Moser, Project Manager at BSI.
We wish the BSI CRM users at AMAG lots of fun with their new system.