BSI Study: Mobile CRM, CRM as the central working tool and social CRM are the CRM Trends in 2011

BSI surveyed 62 attendees at the Swiss CRM Forum. Among the topics discussed was how cloud CRM is not (yet) a central focus among decision-makers

For the third time in a row, BSI Business Systems AG surveyed decision-makers on the topic of customer relationship management (CRM) at the Swiss CRM Forum, held on June 23, 2011 at Zürcher Hallenstadion. This year's survey spotlighted the areas in which CRM software is used as well as the personal trends among decision-makers. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed now use professional software support for customer care. However, small companies tend to not (yet) use CRM software, while large and midsized companies probably already do. According to the survey, sales and marketing staff are the main users of CRM software (74 and 66 percent of those surveyed respectively). Yet its use in service, business management and contact centers has also become widespread (40 percent of those surveyed in these areas). The survey revealed comparatively surprising results in regard to the question regarding personal trends for 2011. The survey showed that mobile CRM (mentioned by 42 percent of those surveyed), the use of CRM as a central working tool (37 percent) and social CRM (26 percent) were by far the top three CRM trends among decision-makers. The topic of cloud CRM, which seems to be on everyone’s lips these days, ran far behind the others in importance, with just 13 percent, along with the issue of data protection, mentioned by just 10 percent.

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