What happened at the Eclipse Stammtisch Zurich

Last week we had a great time at the Eclipse Stammtisch Zurich.

Ken Lee and Matthias Zimmermann presented Eclipse Scout. The motto this year: “Write your application once – run on rich, web and mobile”. Since last year Application written on top of the Eclipse Scout Framework can be rendered in a Browser with Eclipse RAP (Remote Application Platform). With Kepler this renderer was extended (model transformation, optimized components, optimized theme) to support mobile and tablets. Scout application can be rendered as web applications for those devices.

Holger Schill demonstrated his prototype that allows editing Xtext based DSL in web editors. It is based on Orion (with some modifications) and it uses some help of an Eclipse IDE running as a server (it calculates the editor behavior: quick tip, validations…). It was a really interesting talk, only one slide and a big demo.

Eclipse Orion: “It is not Eclipse in the browser; it is a new editor in the web (using the browser as a platform)”. That is what Mike Milinkovich explained during its talk. The demonstration was really impressive. The primary targeted programming languages are coming from the web (html, javascript, css…). It is really impressive, in comparison to the editor providing only syntax highlighting. You can try it online on orionhub.

The presentation of Werner Keil was about Eclipse UOMo, a project that ease the correct use of units in a Java project. This is particularly useful when different system communicate which each other. As illustration Werner choose the Shakespeare quote “Say what you will, my false outweighs your true”. Indeed, when not properly handled a system might define 32 liters, where another understands 32 gallons.