Oomph changes the way you handle multiple eclipse installations

Oomph is a great technology available with the Mars version of Eclipse IDE.

I work on many Eclipse projects and projects based on Eclipse technologies. I have of course the project I work on for our customer (daily job), but I also try to contribute to different open source projects and I also like trying new stuff and playing around with new technologies.

All these different tasks require different Eclipse installations. When I experiment with Xtend I use “Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers”. Sometime I need an IDE with Maven support, but not always. After the EclipseCon I just installed an Eclipse supporting Gradle and Groovy development.

So far, I have never tried to install everything in the same Eclipse IDE. I feared the RAM consumption, overloaded menu trees and an IDE containing too many plugins. So I ended up with a folder containing different eclipse installations (one for each domain):