Maven repository for Mylyn Wikitext

With this maven repository, it is possible to consume the Mylyn Wikitext jars in a maven project (the released version instead of the snapshot version).

Mylyn wikitext is a great tool to work with lightweight markup languages. It supports languages like MediaWiki, Markdown, Textile… It also provides some features to build content for the Eclipse Help Center. A lot of eclipse projects use this approach to build their help content using the Eclipse wiki as input. Since version 2.0 the project dropped the OSGi dependency, making it easier to consume the jars in a plain java and maven context.

For the Eclipse Help Center, I have published an article about creating a toc xml file for existing HTML pages on this blog. Having a Java code snippet is good, but it isn’t sustainable: what about sharing this code between multiple modules, what about tracking modifications and issues. I am happy to announce that I have released a maven plugin for this: geneclipsetoc. Maybe this code could be integrated directly in the Mylyn Wikitext project (Bug 478466 is opened for that).

During the release process of my geneclipsetoc plugin I discovered that the jars released by the mylyn wikitext project are not available from a maven repository. This is a problem when you start to build something that depends on the Mylyn Wikitext. For this use case the snapshot repository provided by the project is not enough.

Using the Eclipse B3 tool (more on this in a next blog post), I was able to publish the Mylyn Wikitext jars coming from the Simultaneous Release train into a maven repository hosted on Bintray.

I have published in a gist a minimal example (java class and pom file) that uses Mylyn Wikitext to convert a markdown snippet into HTML and print it.

I am wondering if the Mylyn Wikitext core jars should not be pushed on maven central. Have you an opinion about this?

This plain maven world is new to me. If you have an opinion about my approach or my code, I would appreciate to hear feedback from you in this forum thread or in one of the issue tracker. The debate about having a maven repository for the releases is not new for the Mylyn Wikitext project; of course I cross posted this information in the corresponding bug.

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