Eclipse Scout: Professional multi-tier business applications

This post summarizes a recent interview for JAXenter (german only) regarding Eclipse Scout.

JAXenter: You’ve published a project proposal for Eclipse Scout. What is Scout?

Matthias: Eclipse Scout is a framework to implement modern business applications. It features a simple and solid architecture, support for SOA, support for Corporate Identity and Corporate Design, mature GUI elements and much more (also see our Wiki and an earlier post).

JAXenter: Why should developers and business care?

Matthias: For developers Eclipse Scout is “cutting-edge” technology, simple to learn (even I can use it), and very flexible. It doesn’t impose many restrictions on experienced developers. For the business Eclipse Scout offers a boost in development productivity, a low technical risk, and protection of investment. The Scout SDK tooling helps with productivity and the maturity of the framework is proven by the 20’000 or so users in 60 countries that are using Scout applications every day. By proposing to open-source Scout we can greatly improve the protection of investment for our customers.

JAXenter: Would you share some of the project history? What about the beginning of Scout? Who’s behind Eclipse Scout? Why did you propose the Eclipse Scout project?

Matthias: Behind Eclipse Scout is BSI Business Systems Integration AG, a Swiss IT company that concentrates on building CRM and related software. The company was founded in 1996 and has a staff of 150 today, mostly software engineers. A good 10 years ago the initial version of the Scout framework was created. The integration of Scout into Eclipse RCP has been done in 2004, and shortly after BSI CRM was shipped as an Eclipse plugin set for the first time.

As Scout is completely based on Eclipse since 2007 the idea of an Eclipse project proposal was natural. After comprehensive discussions, both internal and with our customers, we decided end of 2009 that the advantages of open sourcing Scout prevail. The official proposal was then submitted in February 2010.

JAXenter: How and by whom will Eclipse Scout be developed in the future?

Matthias: Our products and most of our customer projects are based on the Scout framework. BSI can therefore guarantee for the further development in the coming years. As BSI’s products and projects directly depend on the code quality of the Eclipse Scout framework, demands on committers are very high (both internal and external).

If your still reading this, you might want to consider yourself an interested party. Please let us know by answering on the corresponding forum topic.