Eclipse Scout Kepler Milestone 7 (Part 2/2)

The last Milestone build of Eclipse Scout is live and ready for testing. You can update your Eclipse via P2-Updatesite: The Kepler M7 Package is available from here:

Multiple Swing Scout features in a single Eclipse application

bug 396252

The extension point org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swing.appextensions allows running multiple swing Scout features in a single Eclipse application.

Example: Create multiple applications extensions (e.g.):


public class App1 extends AbstractSwingApplicationExtension { public App1() { super("App1"); } @Override protected IClientSession createClientSession(UserAgent userAgent) { IClientSessionRegistryService service = SERVICES.getService(IClientSessionRegistryService.class); return service.newClientSession(ClientSession.class, userAgent); } @Override protected ISwingEnvironment createEnvironment() { return new SwingEnvironment(); } }


Register ExtensibleSwingApplication as application and the previously created applications extensions:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <plugin> <extension id="app" name="Application" point="org.eclipse.core.runtime.applications"> <application> <run/> </application> </extension> ... <extension point="org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swing.appextensions"> <swingApplicationExtension ranking="1"> </swingApplicationExtension> </extension> ...


SWT: Visual Marker in editable cell

bug 395673

A marker icon is now displayed in an editable cell in an SWT table (similar to the swing table).

The icon can be changed by setting the extension org.eclipse.scout.rt.ui.swt.scouticons for the cell_editable icon.


Scout Sources moved to GIT

bug 384960bug 405213

For Kepler, Scout has moved to GIT: and changes are pushed to Gerrit:

For more information see Getting_the_Scout_Sources.

New testing features

bug 376459

Two features for testing have been added to the updatesite:

  • Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing
  • Eclipse Scout Runtime RAP Testing

These features contain plugins that provide support (Utility classes, Test Runner…) in order to test scout applications.

You can find these new features and more here:

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